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Thursday, April 8, 2010

What Is Holy?

The article is about the holiness between the scribes and a poor widow during the time of Jesus Christ. In religious philosophy, being holy is a reflection of one’s character and ability to follow the commandments of Jesus Christ who was considered a person whose influence is so profound. The article specifically talks about the genuine holiness of a poor widow who gave more money to the treasury as compared to the scribes who gave less despite the fact that they cultivated themselves to become holy (Harrington, 46, 2006).

Essentially, I know that a person’s religious views should affect his treatment towards other people. If a person practices his or her religion and do not apply it in daily life, that person would become a hypocrite. Hypocrisy is not a proper attitude and should not be reflected upon. In connection, the concept of humble generosity still exists nowadays. Although there are many people who do not practice humble generosity, others are trying to hide their generosity and continue helping other people. After all, the proper way to help is not to broadcast one’s generosity for purposes of being famous accepted in the society. Hence, humble generosity is still a valued trait but only for a small number of people.

Lastly, rewriting the article calls for an honest evaluation of what transpires in the modern world. I will equate the poor widow to a single mother who worked hard for her child and still pay her dues in the government and in the church where she belongs. On the other hand, I will equate the scribe to a restaurant owner who gives more money to charitable organizations but failed to give food occasionally to those who are asking for food in the streets. In today’s society, selfishness is common because of the will to increase one’s riches. In case of the single mother being mentioned, her ultimate goal is to raise her child properly with the help of her faith in God assuming she believes its existence. In other words, her actions are based on her beliefs. Finally, the poor widow in the article is more holy than the scribes because her generosity is sincere and genuine. The scribes are considered hypocrites which must not be considered as good examples.


Harrington, D. (2006). Who Is Holy? America Press Inc., 46.

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